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Our consultants are experts in fields ranging from planning, licensing, construction, facility operations, branding, marketing, state compliance, and more. We’re here to help you build your future.

Our Services

Brand Development & Marketing

Long before licenses...

are awarded through the state, a strong foundation must be built to ensure your success.

Our brand development and marketing team establishes this foundation by working with you to develop branding and marketing that not only achieves your vision, but aligns with cannabis regulations within your municipality.

Let our experts handle naming, logo design and development, branding, and targeted marketing strategies so you can focus your energies on winning licenses.


Future investors...

want an attractive, comprehensive proforma and business plan.

From inception to execution, our business development team will get you ready to pitch to future investors.

Navigating, while at times, may be considered tedious, we find that the ROI of our financial modeling and planning, full scope operations plan, and market analysis is simply too invaluable to your business.

Engineered for Success

Working with leading engineers...

from around the nation, we optimize every inch of square footage for your retail, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities.

In addition, we design our interiors and exteriors to not only meet compliance regulations (including security overlay), but to make sure your facility will be a standout from the crowd for years to come.


Overseeing construction....

and acting as the General Contractor for your business, Craft Cured Consulting will manage all phases of construction utilizing our trusted network of contractors available throughout the nation.


Working with our employee...

staffing registry, we can ensure you that no matter the size of your facility, we will get you the fully trained and compliant agents for you to succeed.


Craft Cured Consulting...

can oversee ongoing operations on interim or full-term basis. We have fully adaptive strategies that enable us to stay compliant with constantly changing state and local regulations.

Let our in-house team assist you with product sourcing, market research, and staffing.


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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